Long Island Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

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Marriage Family Therapy Long Island

Individual Therapy

Therapy services for individual counseling is a type of intervention that includes insight, behavior modification, and support. A process in which symptom relief and problem resolution is addressed to improve personal growth.

Couples/Marital Therapy

Therapy services for couples counseling is a form of treatment where two individuals enter the intervention process conjointly and address core interpersonal dissatisfaction in the relationship. The therapist helps the couple to understand and resolve conflicts and help them to learn new techniques to improve their relationship, by presenting tools to increase communication and solve problems in a healthier way.

Family Therapy

Therapy services for family counseling is a type of intervention in which members of a family are helped to identify patterns that are problematic and maladaptive. The therapy is a means to help the family to adopt new behavioral patterns that lead to improved functioning.

Child Therapy

Therapy services for child counseling is a type of intervention to address problematic behaviors that are interfering with functioning within the family, school, and peer interaction. The therapy is a means to identify the causes and issues contributing to the child's behaviors and develop solutions that will lead to improved personal, academic, and social functioning.

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