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Marriage and Family Practice

Psychotherapy Services For Individual Counseling, Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, and Family Counseling.

At Counseling Services Direct the overall goal of the practice is to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals, couples, and families to become fulfilled in their life and relationships. The practice setting will help you to develop resources to realize your capacity for happiness, acceptance, growth, and well being.

As a licensed marriage therapist and a licensed and certified family therapist the focus of the practice is to encourage active participation and help the client with developing insight into the areas that are causing difficulties, and facilitating the behavioral changes that are desired. The therapy is a space to open up to the possibilities of making positive changes and resolving the areas that are causing problems and emotional distress.

The counseling can increase the likelihood that you will begin to understand what is causing you to feel unhappy in your life and relationships and help you to focus on where you may want to make changes. Once this is established then the goals for therapy can be implemented and the client is supported and provided with resources to make the shifts in the areas of their life and relationships that needs improvement.

The changes that you experience as a result of the collaboration in the therapy can have immediate as well as long term effects on the your personal well being and the health of your relationships.

For information about mental health services and the practice model please contact Counseling Services Direct for Marriage and Family Therapy: (O) 516-484-2829.