Long Island Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

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Long Island Marriage Counseling

Learn how to resolve marriage problems and change the path of your marriage by learning new skills with a licensed therapist.

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The therapy will provide you and your spouse with the necessary guidance to address the problems in your marriage:

  • By learning how to resolve issues and to stop them from causing any further decline in your marriage.
  • Will provide an immediate source of resources to help resolve problems.
  • Learning more positive ways to change and improve the situation.

Marriage counseling will teach you the necessary skills to effectively resolve your marital problems and make informed decisions about the relationship:

  • The guidance will help you to manage and decrease stress that is related to the problems in the relationship.
  • Learn new skills that will give you and your spouse the chance to change the path of you marriage.
  • The counseling will provide and model the skills that you need to resolve marital distress and problems.
Marriage counseling is a process to help resolve the problems in your marriage and include following steps:

  1. Both you and your spouse will be oriented to the the therapy and any questions that you have about the process will be considered and answered by the therapist.
  2. The counseling setting will be balanced in such a way that both of you have the opportunity to express your individual understanding of the problem.
  3. The problem will be approached from a systemic approach, which simply means that the problem will be addressed for each of you as individuals, and the context that both of you relate to each other.
  4. The therapist will help you to understand the meaning and underlying factors that are impacting the problem.
  5. The therapist will provide you with necessary skills to help to improve and resolve the problems in your marriage.
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