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Marriage counseling Long Island, and couples counseling Long Island, providing counseling services. Improving relationships for individuals and couples, with a licensed marriage counselor and family therapist. 

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Are you feeling anxious and struggling in a relationship?

Have you been struggling with the same issues in your marriage?

Do want to create positive changes in your relationship?

The goal of the therapy sessions is to gain clarity and create positive relationship outcomes based on effective communication and problem solving skills. 

 A combination of counseling, coaching and therapeutic approaches, clients gain a new perspective with deeper insight.

At the practice for Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, and Family Therapy you will be guided to take the steps to establish goals that guide you to make changes, resolve issues,and decrease any feelings of anxiety or depression. 

The primary objective of the practice is to provide guidance to expand your perspective, learn new skills, change negative patterns, increase intimacy, improve communication, and diffuse conflict.

Couples counseling is short term therapy provided by a licensed therapist. The therapy provides many benefits to the overall wellbeing of the relationship. 

Couples Therapy is a powerful way create a higher level of awareness that leads to sucess and clarity in the relationship.

Here are Five benefits to attending couples counseling:

  1. Clarify and resolve issues that can lead to a more positive relationship outcome.
  2. Set goals that will increase the overall connection in the relationship.
  3. Learn inspirational and uplifting ways to improve the overall wellbeing of the relationship.
  4. Learn to create solutions to issues by learning new and effective communication skills.
  5. Gain new skills to effectively strengthen trust, resolve conflict and increase intimacy.

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Licensed Marriage Counselor and Family Therapist /Mental Health Counselor/ Certified Family Therapist

Long Island Marriage counselor, couples counselor and family therapist providing marriage counseling, couples counseling, and family therapy in  Nassau County, Suffolk County Long Island.